Various display problems and graphic card questions

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by stalker, Jun 5, 2004.

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  1. stalker

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    Jan 19, 2004
    Ljubljana, Slovenia
    Hey, I have few very important questions.

    1. Why on 1280x1024 resolution I see every third/fourth letter in some string is scrawled, smeared (I could not see it clearly, but , like in some program window menu, dialogs etc.

    2. Further I have problem with 1280x1024 resolution that screen becomes somehow too big. Meaning that screenborder is 5-10 cm out of visible screen. On old ATI Rage 128 Pro graphic card, under Control Panel -- Display -- Settings -- Advanced -- Adjustments, I could set both Screen-Size (enlarge it in vertical/horizontal) and move it to left or right direction. The last option is still available through monitor Controls/Properties (the button on monitor, and not Control Panel -- Display -- Settings -- Advanced ...), but I cannot change/modify screen vertical/horizontal size. Any idea why I am getting this too big screen boundaries ??

    Usually Windows itself set it right with ATI Rage 128 (but anyway sometimes not, so I need to modify it manually as mentioned above), also mainly on Windows 98, but on Windows XP I am contantly getting this "too big screen" issue, and now with new graphic card I can't even change it manually anymore !!

    3. Wit new graphic card I noticed few things. One is that for example when closing ZoneAlarm to tray ("X" button in upper-right corner), windows doesn't "dissapear" instantly, but I see some sort of "fading/animating". It is kind of annoying, cause I like all Effects disabled (though exept "Show windows content while dragging"). OK, I luckily succeed to get rid of it by completely disabling Antialiasing (I just guessed, and was right at first try)

    4. Now one really annoying, and strange thing. Since I installed new graphic card, I noticed that when changing size of some window, my speakers starts making relatively loud noises/scratches. Like in case if you move headphones or speakers cable in and out of plug-in hole.
    It is like sound card it "catching", responding to mouse movements (though only when changing size, or dragging it around), is it possible this is related to graphic card ??

    Thanks for any help, explanation, advice !!
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