v4 Too Many "Can't Find Servers"

Discussion in 'ESET Smart Security v4 Beta Forum' started by COSMO26, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Oct 21, 2003
    EDIT #3: I'll see you in Feb 09. Can't Find Servers have worn me out again and I have no way to research the issue. Good luck to all. V3 humming along.

    EDIT #2: Still much better but I do run into Can't Find Servers at times and if I wait a little, it starts working again. Log All Blocks doesn't show anything for the time period I'm Clking to access a common, OK site I attempt to visit.

    EDIT: 11/21/08 I Re-installed v4 and am NOT Experiencing the problems I did on the first install. Pages seem to load FASTER.....Great!

    XP Media Ctr - SP3::: v4 All Default Automatic FW :: I Re-installed v3 as I continually had "Can't Find Server" Time-outs....Did Re-boots & Reset modem-Power Off/Bk On which often fixes such an issue but Problem persisted.....v3 Working Flawlessly as it always has ...

    FWIW: When I first had the time-outs I went to the FW module in Adv Setup tree where you can Disable the FW & did Disable / Related or not? I got a "Firefox is Offline" when I tried to access Web with FW OFF - Found you have to Re-boot computer to re-activate the FW...Got a "couldn't Re-Load FW error" on 1st re-boot and it DID Load on 2nd Re-boot.......FYI
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