V-Com System Suite 5.0

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    Aug 4, 2004
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    System Suite 5.0

    I Have A Program Called: System Suite From V-Communications Inc., I Want to recommend this product for anyone looking for a great computer maintenance Program, Has Almost Everything Needed To Keep Your computer Running In Tip Top Shape, It Has The following Features:

    The suite includes:

    Fix Utilities™

    Keep your system running better, faster, longer! Improve system performance, speed program launch times, diagnose and fix problems, and detect hard drive problems early. Fix Utilities includes a high-powered disk defragmenter, easy one-step maintenance wizards, ultimate tools for maintaining the Windows registry, a PC clock synchronizer, a customizable interface, and more!


    The ultimate defense against hackers! NetDefense is an advanced personal firewall, powered by Sygate® that protects your PC from hackers and other malicious intruders. NetDefense personal firewall is a must-have security measure for any PC that connects to the Internet. NetDefense gives you complete confidence that your critical personal, financial, business, and other data will remain safe and secure.

    VirusScanner™ Pro

    World-class virus protection that allows you to scan email and files automatically in real-time, or on demand. VirusScanner Pro scans email as it arrives and files as they are opened. Updates are downloadable 24 hours a day from the VCOM website to ensure that you always have the most current protection available.


    The easiest and most complete way to uninstall unwanted programs, remove Internet clutter, safely move programs to a different drive or computer, and back up and restore installed programs.


    The ultimate aid for data recovery due to software corruption, hard drive failures, virus attacks, user error, and natural disasters. It offers help and information on how to best recover from extreme data loss situations.


    If you are recycling, donating, reassigning, or disposing of your PC, SecurErase enables you to easily, quickly and permanently delete all of the personal and confidential data on a hard drive.

    Over 50 Powerful Tools
    Tune-up, protect, diagnose, fix, clean, recover, and manage your PC with over 50 powerful, award-winning tools. VCOM SystemSuite works the way you want to work. It offers fully customizable installation that allows you to install only the tools you want. And if you change your mind, you can easily go back and add or remove components at any time.

    Easy PC Maintenance

    Designed to work on all of today’s Windows operating systems, VCOM SystemSuite 5 is the only utility you’ll ever need for your day-to-day PC maintenance. The easy-to-use, integrated interface allows you to defragment your hard drive, check for viruses, fix the Windows registry, diagnose hardware, and much more – all from inside one Window.

    An invaluable link to system updates is also available 24 hours a day. SystemSuite also makes an emergency bootable rescue diskette/CD, basic zip and unzip functionality, and much more!


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