Using HDM 14 Pro with Bitlocker

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    Nov 19, 2013
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    Question on restoring OS partition from Bitlocker-protected drive.

    Let's say the OS partition on Drive C is imaged onto Drive E, a Bitlocker-protected drive. The image would by necessity have been created when Drive E was unlocked.

    But let's then say the OS partition is damaged and needs to be restored from Drive E. How is the image of the OS partition recovered to a new or re-formatted Drive C, if the Drive E image is locked?

    Does Windows 8.1 recover using a recovery disk into Windows PE or some other recovery environment that allows Bitlocker to be unlocked? Or does the Paragon recovery disk do the same thing?

    Does the TPM chip save the day, so that only the Bitlocker password or recovery key is needed?