Using Email Aliases - Tutorials request

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by mapletree, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. mapletree

    mapletree Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2012
    After some study as for best privacy email fit for me right now,
    I will go with Runbox having 100 aliases
    (not ready at this time for to imploy all the encryption-tech's --
    just no more ads & them reading my stuff -
    even though I hardly say anything about anything in the email anymore)

    I now use some throw-way yahoo/gmails for anony. other forums or products,
    and those do collect many spams which i just delete all at once.

    But I would enjoy and I ask the expert advices from here about how to use aliases
    in the best logical - way and ease to practice it - way.

    You know, when you give email & register for something that's not intimate to you,
    you expect they send confirmation right away --
    so you check, say in 10 minutes, click to accept the register,
    then from that time on you really not expecting anymore emails,
    so that's why I go in & dlelete all at once -- not afraid I will miss anything *important,
    because by then I dont expect anything important from anyone close to me.

    I hope the Runbox makes it more simple if i just use 1 email overall account
    with these aliases, instead of having bunches of different email accounts to
    sign in and out of, it is not too good a use of time, is it?

    So I think there must be more clever ways to do this? as some have hinted
    in other sections here where I searched for Email options and such --
    and I also follow @mirimir over to the VPN website to begin studying those good articles-guides
    to understand these things better. thankyou
  2. ComputerSaysNo

    ComputerSaysNo Registered Member

    Aug 9, 2012
    I have an Runbox account and this is what I do. 1 email alias = 1 sign up account or 1 domain registration or 1 what ever type of account.

    Now it's easy to add and delete Runbox accounts through the web interface. So if you get spam you can easily just delete that account.

    Best practice would be to make sure you only use 1 email alias per account. You have 100 and you can buy more aliases if needed.

    I hope that helps :)
  3. redcell

    redcell Registered Member

    Sep 27, 2010
    I have a different view on Runbox. It's featured in media channel like The New York Times. Tells you something about the level of pseudo-privacy it claims.
    Furthermore, if it's something you have to pay and the transaction is traceable, then it's never secure.
  4. mapletree

    mapletree Registered Member

    Oct 31, 2012
    @ComputerSaysNo - thankyou, this makes simple sense --> 1:1 , then delete when done (bcause in past i used same for multiple reg's, so now like you say -- only 1 reg or communications per alias-account, then throw-away & start over)

    @redcell - i agree, yet the weight is always consider the goal vs cost, right?
    so in checking some providers at, runbox seems reasonable secure --
    i was considering between that & fastmail? tho' the Aussie govt may-be as touched as U.S. ? dunno -- if it is ok to ask here - who would you choose if yet you are not ready to exchange privacy keys & do that level of detail -- but, rather just a provider who don't read your mail or spam you with the ads?
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  5. Overdone

    Overdone Registered Member

    Sep 7, 2014
    One thing you should be aware about runbox is that their programming team is absolutely horrible.

    They've been promising their users 2FA for years now and they still don't have it (I was a user for 3 years). Their webclient is absolutely horrible as well. Having said that, their support is quite good, one of the best I've ever used.