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Discussion in 'General Returnil discussions' started by valis1949, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. valis1949

    valis1949 Registered Member

    Mar 8, 2010
    Springfield IL
    I am new to computers, and I'm wondering whether to use the program in the 'on' or 'off' mode.

    For example, if I were to use Glary Utilities or Advanced Systems Care in the 'on' mode, would the changes be deleted when I rebooted?

    This program seems like a lifesaver for someone who wants to 'rest easy' on the Internet, but I want to make sure that the changes that I WANT to make to my system are not negated.

    Thanks, kw
  2. Coldmoon

    Coldmoon Returnil Moderator

    Sep 18, 2006
    Hello valis1949 and welcome to the forums :)

    The choice is dependent on your strategy. There are some who prefer to use the System Safe virtualization as a form of "panic" button when they think they may face a heightened level of risk from malware (surfing the dark side, evaluating an unknown application, etc). while this is valid, it does not take full advantage of RVS's capabilities.

    When used with the virtualization "always on", you keep the most important part of your computer protected at all times, but changes (wanted, unwanted, other) are lost at restart of the computer UNLESS that content is saved on a non-system partition or disk (RVS Virtual Disk Z:\, supplemental storage partition D:\, USB backup drive F:\, etc). In the paid editions, you can specify files and folders to be saved to the real disk while using the virtualization.

    Using RVS with the virtualization always on will require some minor adjustments in how you save content and data, but is similar to what you already do to save files and folders without RVS installed, just need to put it in a different place that you are used to is all.

    For maintenance issues such as Microsoft/Windows Updates, disk defragmentation, optimization (Glay Utils & AC) should be performed while RVS System Safe is turned off. Once you have optimized the disk however, you will notice that your real system keeps its performance level as nothing is allowed to make changes to your real disk, so running these types of programs is no longer needed on a frequent basis...

  3. Wilderness

    Wilderness Registered Member

    Mar 20, 2010
    I'm just wondering if you forgot to tell her or tell me if I'm wrong.

    You can keep it on for the protection. Do your daily work and updates. and then at end of the day if you believe you didn't visit any nasty sites or do anything to compromise system then you could go to "system safe" and "Save all changes".

    Just remember when you restart your computer, remember to set it back to Drop all changes. I think its a major design flaw to not have it not revert back to "Drop All Changes" automatically when system is rebooted. All it would take is to forget to set it back once and computer would be compromised.
  4. pegr

    pegr Registered Member

    Apr 8, 2008
    I agree - that would be safer.

    Unless my memory is incorrect, didn't automatic reversion to "Drop All Changes" after a reboot used to be the default behaviour in RVS 2008, and this only changed with the introduction of RVS 2010?
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