Upgrading from Dial-up to DSL-Have questions

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Cosmo32, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Calling all EE Gurus:thumb: ,
    I have been using nod32-EE since 02/2007. V2.70.39 for LUS and clients and latest version of RAS/RAC. Works more perfect than advertised. I am very happy it is as auto-magic as it is.:D

    I am in due diligence prior to turning on xDSL. I think I know what/where to do, but felt the need to check my thoughts with the experts. Can I ask some questions, please?

    At /Mirror Setup/Advanced Mirror Setup/Miscellaneous/ there is a tickbox labled "Disconnect from server after update complete."
    What "server" does this tickbox refer to? My server w/Mirror, or the ESET Server(s)? BTW, the port in use is 8088!

    At Nod32 CC/System Tools/"Schedular/Planner/ I do plan to UNtick the current "Automatic Update after dial-up connection." This does seem obvious to me, however, I am now back to the confusing logic needed to create a proper "DSL Automatic Update" task.

    Q: If I choose "Repeatatedly," What hour setting is advised?

    Q: If I choose "Event Triggered," Which menu item might apply to a DSL/LAN/Fixed line connection?

    Sub-Q: Do the two choices about "Successful update of the virus sig database" and "Successful update of the program components" refer to the ESET SERVER(S), or, to my local LAN Update Server/Mirror?

    I do believe the /Mirror Setup/Advanced/Internet connection/ window will change from "Dial-up" to "LAN/fixed line." This one is obvious! :D

    Q: Should I edit the "LAN access setup" and tick "Disconnect from server after update has completed"? This appears to be a second mention of this parameter.

    Q: Lastly, Should I edit the
    "nod32 CC/Update/Setup/Advanced/Proxy Server Setup"
    to point to my Router's address? Or Gateway's address? Or just forget Proxy Server?

    Please excuse the length, but I got on a roll........ ;)

    Thank you for any help provided.
  2. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    No , this does not need to be unchecked . This can be enabled should you connect via dial-up or VPN in future . It doesn't hurt being checked (by default it enabled by default in v3)

    Of course , the more it updates , the better . The default is 1 hour so don't change it .

    Don't choose that . Don't change the default update settings.

    Refer to ESET servers.

    No , not necessary.

    Generally NO . Should you use proxy then yes .

    To conclude , changing from one type of connection to another does not reflect on NOD32 . The program will update even with the dial-up settings because it is by default set to update every one hour. :thumb:
  3. Cosmo32

    Cosmo32 Guest

    Thank you for your concise reply. I forgot to mention that my server and all clients use BlackSpear's settings. I have had zero hits since install.
    I have printed your reply out and am studying it ATM. I suspect some more questions may follow.... :)
    Several of my questions are very old (confusion). From when I first joined the nod32 user base.
    May I reply with more pointed questions?...
    Thank you,
  4. ASpace

    ASpace Guest

    Yes , sure . I hope I can answer them :)

    You are welcome
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