[UPDATE] New QZ build v.4.0.16894 RC14 available

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    Sep 18, 2006
    Hello Testers,
    I am glad to announce the Quietzone RC14 release. Please go to the download link in your announcement e-mail to get the new version, or just upgrade your installation manually (UI -> Help & Support -> Product Upgrades), or it will be upgraded automatically within a week.

    Change Log:

    • UI text fixes: Reviewed/corrected/optimized/spell-checked all visible strings in the product
    • added support bug report: Enhanced the generation of maintenance reports by allowing users to run the report when GUI is not working
    • added support: Added an option to disable Quietzone if GUI encounters a crash
    • Fixed: compatibility issue with some disk configurations that led to GUI crash
    • fixed: Enhanced Quietzone to support dynamic disks under Windows XP

    Version information: 4.0.16894 RC14
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