uninstalling earlier SpWrBlstr to get v3.4

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by reddersfigo, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. reddersfigo

    reddersfigo Registered Member

    Aug 16, 2005
    south yorkshire, england
    Hello all you expert spywareblaster users,

    Trust that if you are on here you aren't working too hard!

    I wonder if anyone could help me please?

    I dont uninstall progs all that often, but was instructed to do so to SpywareBlaster v 3.3 by JavaCool's site, so I could get the updated v3.4.

    I went to add/remove progs in My Computer, clicked on SpWrBlstr (v.3.2 as it happened), and got this message

    "C:\Program Files\SpywareBlaster\unins000.dat" does not exist. Cannot uninstall.

    I think that next I assumed that I could therefore install v3.4 after all and tried to do so.

    Can't remember what I did next, but whatever the next logical step in my self-taught-trial-and-error mind was, the outcome is that when I go into SpWrBlstr I get this...........

    " I E protection enabled - database error"
    " Restricted Sites protcn enabled - database error "

    and a big sign saying DATABASE ERROR

    and suggesting that I check for updates (again)

    When I Search my C Drive for SpWrBlstr, I get this list......

    1 KB shortcut Program files in Docs & Settings Desktop
    2501 Kb Applicn (SpWrBlstrsetup34 in Docs&Settings Desktop
    4 Kb empty folder which I tried to restore from the Recycle Bin
    958Kb Prog file (hostsbak0.bak, hostsbak1.bak, hostsbak.sss.....)
    832Kb Applicn which relates to v3.2
    2.02Kb AutoUpdate Configurn.lnk (in Docs & Settings start menu)

    Anybody got any ideas please as to my next steps forward? I would be very grateful.

    Cheers from the new kid on the block. :D
  2. Detox

    Detox Retired Moderator

    Feb 9, 2002
    Texas, USA
    Did you try to re-install the old version over itself? Then you should have the uninstall file again for uninstallation :cool:
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