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    Jan 2, 2006
    UHarc is a solid, high-compression 386+ DOS/Windows file archiver with multimedia support. It is written by Uwe Herklotz and is available as an .EXE, but only for non-commercial use. Memory requirements depend on the compression method used (e.g., -mz needs less than -mx). Comparisons between WinRAR and UHarc generally show smaller filesizes with UHarc.


    UHARC/GUI is a graphical user inerface for the UHARC file archiver. UHARC is a high performance file archiver. It was written by Uwe Herklotz. This GUI allows you to use UHARC with a nice and intuitive frontend. Furthermore there is a new SFX feature included in this GUI.

Thread Status:
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