TwistedBrush Pro Studio v19.13 Released

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    TwistedBrush Pro Studio v19.13 Released
    15 November 2012

    Whats New:
    • Added - Distort by Scratch Layer filter added to the Distort category of filters.
    • Added - Gallery Wrap Mirror Auto filter added to the Generate category of image filters.
    • Added - Adaptive Unsharp Mask filter added to the Sharpen filter category of image filters.
    • Added - Feather filter added to the Stylized category of filters. Very handy filter!
    • Added - Pro Clip Brush Filter and Pro Blip Brush Filter 9x to the Art Pro - Image Filter ArtSet.
    • Improved - Added a Random Offset option to the Displacement Bump set of filters.
    • Improved - The Pro - Pen Pixel brush gets Anti-Alias and Dash Interval options.
    • Improved - Allows brush effects Mask and Dab Pos Mode to work properly together.
    • Improved - The Resize Image dialog now allows for selecting the units of measure, inches, pixels or millimeters.
    • Improved - The Resize Image dialog now shows the current PPI (pixels per inch) setting.
    • Improved - The Order Prints tool has been improved to support additional print features.
    • Improved - Clicking on a current selected color item will unselect it and allow adjusting colors without changing any of the 4 current colors.
    • Improved - Black, Grey and White color options were added to the Quick Command panel to allow quickly selecting one of those colors without changing the current set of 4 colors.
    • Improved - The Layer Bar now indicates when the Mask is enabled and also when there is a paper selected or data on the scratch layer.
    • Improved - The Alpha Filter option was improved to allow for fully transparent areas to have values set. Basically it makes more of the filters usable with the Alpha Filter option.
    • Improved - Clip brushes can now be used brush layer effects.
    • Changed - The Marble filter was changed to a different underlying algorithm to correct crash cases but also to give a wider range of effects and cleaner handling at the page edges.
    • Fixed - The Marble filter could in rare cases cause a program crash.
    • Fixed - The selected filter was not getting set into a Pro Image Filter brush if the preview button was off in the filter select dialog.
    • Fixed - Filters with a variant value of zero were not consistantly resulting is a randomized variant.
    • Fixed - Saving a page to a PSD file could result in layers being incorrectly sequenced.

    Download: TwistedBrush Pro Studio
    View: Changelog
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