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    841 - Registry Backup updates

    v2.1.1 - 2/9/2015
    • Fixed a bug where creating a schedule on XP would fail.
    • Updated the schedule backup at login to now wait 5 min before running. This way if a user is using VSS to backup the registry with the program it wont slow down the boot up by hogging the hard drive creating a volume shadow copy.
    • Also it allows any registry changes from startup programs to finish before the registry backup is done.
    • This new task schedule setting is only for vista, 7 and newer as the XP task scheduler doesn't have a delay option.
    • When clicking the create schedule button, the program will now auto replace the old task, if one was created, instead of making the user delete it first.
    • Updated the default colors to the new lighter scheme. Users can of course always change the colors to what they like.
    • Fixed a bug in the new Unicode controls where it didn't auto resize properly.
    • Fixed a bug where backups done from the task scheduler and when you had the only do 1 backup a day checked would cause the backup to not run. Since the new Unicode changes the check for last backup command was looking at the wrong path and would think the backup was already done. This has now been fixed.
    • Fixed multiple settings not saving after you change them.
    • All controls and code updated in the program in order to support unicode.
    • Very large amount of code changes and tweaks.
    • The program now pulls the version of Windows you are on from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ and then ProductName. The reason the program pulls from this now instead of the Windows API is because some power users have multiple OS's installed on the same system and they will rename their version of Windows here to help tell them apart better.
    • The colors used in the treeview when a registry file fails to backup is now inverted instead of using the color from the import text option.
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    I've checked out some of their tools, and they may be useful but I didn't like them, mostly because of the GUI.
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