Trying to Understand Files to use in Full Restore

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    Sep 28, 2014
    revised thread with new info and posted ... (don't know how to delete this post)

    I created a complete backup (along with MBR and Recovery partitions) of my RAID0 drive, with the plan to restore to a single drive system that is smaller than the combined RAID array. Was referred to use Paragon BR Free from a tech site that had done this process with RAID0 and Paragon successfully.

    I created a boot drive on USB thumb drive and the complete backup on a USB external hard drive.

    When I go to restore (after erasing RAID array and installing new hard drive), there is one folder called arc_310714191732627 which contains all the backup items, the files in the folder total about 400gb, which is how much data I had. However, when I choose what to restore, I have no idea which file to choose so instead chose the whole folder.

    All that was created was a partition called Recovery that was 13GB in size, and was not bootable because of no operating system (if I recall ... I've tried several different things after that and now can't remember).

    Do I need to choose one particular file in that ARC folder for one partition (MCR, for example), do it again for the Dell Recovery, and do it again for my C drive? I just don't know what I'm seeing in this folder. The files are

    arc_310714191732627_0002p.002 going up through 062 (each about 3.9GB)

    How can I tell what is what and goes into which partition? I don't know which is a main archive file vs. a supporting file.

    ** I returned to the Recovery program and found which file is the master archive, there are 3 different choices of what to restore, and the hard drive C: portion says that it is 1.3TB in size with only 400gb of data, why am I unable to restore this 400GB only, am getting a hard disk manager error ox 0x1001b, I'm guessing because the new drive only has 900gb of room.

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    Apr 21, 2015
    I have the same question. Can you tell me the answer, or where to find it?
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    Select the "pfi" file. You will know it's the correct file to select as the information about the archive will appear below in that same window.