Trying to get this program working. 4th time.

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by AdrianinOZ, Sep 30, 2004.

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  1. AdrianinOZ

    AdrianinOZ Guest

    My aim?

    To do a clean install of windows, load up all my windows updates and basic essential programs then do an image of that.

    Then I plan to simply use TI7 to load it back up many months down the track instead of a full reinstall.

    I assume that is possible (hope so that's why I bought the program!).

    I created the bootdisc no worries onto a CD.
    I created an image fine of the partition.
    Now after reading for 4 hours through this support forum I am confused as to whether I should have imaged the whole drive.

    If i have a 120 gig hdd, it doesn't make sense to image the lot if I only wanted the 10 gig windows part of it...

    It said I was missing a few files on bootup and I have tried fixboot and also tried copying them into my C: root directory. Sometimes it then goes to the win xp splash, then a blue login screen without any details on it - just a smaller splash of XP.

    I have read references to sysprep but haven't found instructions as to it's use that address all the options.

    I have downloaded the latest version, my O/S is XP, and i have two partitions - one C: and a G: TI7 secure partition thingy.

    I don't want to create people extra work but I couldn't find a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use the program.

    And I am a bit disappointed in TI7 as the box/manual/website says it's newbie friendly and able to be done from windows.

    Note that I have had no problems creating images - just restoring has always failed.

    Methods used:
    1) I threw it to a network drive
    2) Burned a copy onto a dvd and loaded off that
    3) Created a partition and tried that (big fail with many boot errors and fixboot attempts)
    4) Whatever you guys can suggest!

    I am time pressured as this computer I'm on I am selling tomorrow with the guy coming to pick it up and I hope to have it solved by then *fingers crossed*

    So can someone please steer me in the right direction? I wish this was all click and voila like the website indicates.
  2. AdrianinOZ

    AdrianinOZ Guest

    I managed to load an image from the hidden TI archive, but I want to be able to load from a blank C: as well.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that may reply.
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