Truecrypt - stop -> resume Full System Disk decryption as external drive on 2nd PC.

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by ThisandThat, Dec 30, 2015.

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    Dec 30, 2015
    First question (not crisis :) I am in process of decrypting system disk from computer A (which had boot crash - no big deal I have file backup ... and was able to also mount it on UBCD and further retrieve what I needed anyway - i.e. original files) so that I can do windows repair (Win7).

    It is decrypting fine via Rescue Disk F8. But it as you suspect is going at a glacially slow speed.

    I understand decryption (like encryption) can be paused/stopped then resumed. I would like to stop decryption, remove this boot/system disk from computer A (where it is currently decrypting via RD) and mount it as external drive on computer B which has TC, and again start/resume the decryption process which should be vastly faster and allow me to use computer A in the meantime via reserve system disk which I keep handy.

    I cannot find info anywhere about this particular action, i.e., decrypt partially, stop process, remove drive and move to another PC and connect as external drive, mount via that computers TC, and resume decryption.

    I sense it is fraught with peril and might lead to a situation where I end up having to do total reinstall on that disk - again I do not need what's on it (have that already) but I'd rather wait for slowwwwww decrypt than have to do clean install of everything.

    Anyone know if my plan above is feasible or has done it? Or am I asking for grief.

    Second question
    (and here I have very little knowledge) (also not crisis) - is it possible to 'clone' or 'image' a fully (system) encrypted disk when it's in good shape so that if there is a failure like mine, one can simply wipe entire disk, then write (copy) that image of the "working" and encrypted disk before it crashed onto the now wiped crashed disk, and sort of be able to get going merely by wipe/load image and pretend nothing ever happened? Again I know nothing about cloning/imaging and how it relates to system encryption (full disk) devices/OS so my question might sound really stupid. I fully admit ignorance here!

    Anyway thanks and have a groovy new year everyone!