TrueCrypt - partition lost?

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    Oct 2, 2014

    I have a data disk (not a system disk, but a data disk which I haven't backup in a few months and one that contains photos), when I suddenly started experiencing the following: I was editing a file on it, and it seemed like the disk wasn't responding (saving took a long time, although succeeded after a while). So, I thought I should reboot the machine (and maybe attach the cables again), which I did. But after rebooted, I couldn't mount the favorite volumes again. TrueCrypt now says (in Favorites/Organize Favorite Volumes):

    F: (Device disconnected).

    BIOS detects the drive though, and the drive starts spinning. Win7 Computer Management can find it but suggests to initialize the disk (which I'm not doing of course).

    The data was on a partition, and the disk had two partitions (I believe). Like Harddisk1\Partition1 (or 2) if I remember correctly. I'm not sure why I did it that way, seems like it would complicate things. The partition contained almost the whole disk, leaving a only some MBs to the other partition (1TB disk, 9xx MB to tc partition). Maybe there was something important on the other partition too, I have forgotten what it might be.

    So, I suspect some corruption has been taken place.

    Is there any hope to recover the data?

    I'm not sure if I have any rescue disk but I'm going to search next...

    Any help? Please.

    Edit: I can se the disk (F) here, but there are no partitions visible:

    Edit: F is the problematic disk. G I just disconnected by myself:

    Edit: I found some TC rescue disks but not really sure what they contain. I have made other TC rescue disks in the past. I'm afraid to use them now though as I don't really know if any of them is the right one.

    I probably should order a new disk and clone this one and then try to rescue the cloned disk.

    Edit: This is what I see in "Computer Management":

    Edit: Ok, I found out that you don't really use rescue disks with non-system partitions (if I understood correctly). Well, that's good to know as I didn't even find the right one. But how to proceed now? I guess I have to stop panicing and read some other threads here.
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