TrueCrypt lost volume

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    Feb 5, 2015
    EDIT: TBNT. Mozy restored all of my files! No help needed! But am moving off truecrypt.

    ore info at end since first post re: Mozy backup. This seems to be the place for TC problems. (Sorry to the person who got this message as a reply).

    Windows Vista.

    1. Laptop had TC partition.

    2. Laptop then crashed.

    3. Restarted in safemode networking mode and tried to access TC. Didn't work.

    4. Restarted Laptop in normal mode and TC didn't load normally. Went to look for volume and am being told that it is empty.

    5. I've read through number of threads. Am unsure where to start. Testcrypt didn't recognize volume initially. Stopped.

    6.Then went to try to restore header said not a TC volume.

    It seems data is somewhere but where is the problem.

    Of course, as many, this is a desperate issue. Please point in right direction: Getdataback? Winhex? Somewhere else?

    More information: the TC volume was backed up on Mozy. I still must decrypt the files, of course. So am I going to have to "clone" the volume to capture the encryption key?

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