TrueCrypt: encrypting a Windows partition?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by blainefry, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Jan 25, 2014
    Pretty specific question:

    I have an image backup of a clean install of Windows. I took a new machine, installed Windows, installed some basic apps, and then imaged that OS partition.

    TrueCrypt allows the user to encrypt the OS partition or device in-place, keeping all data intact.

    My question is, if I perform an in-place encryption of the partition, is there any reason I can't later restore the backed up image and just perform the in-place encryption again, as a way of starting over, fresh?

    And further:
    On the drive, I have an OS partition and a data partition (C:\ and D:\). If I encrypt the device (instead of each individual partition), I am assuming there could be issues with trying to restore the OS partition from an image?

    I can easily foresee there being an issue, but I just can't think of one: Terabyte Unlimited's Image for Linux actually has TrueCrypt included...and you can create a bootable disk with it. The documentation explicitly says "Image for Linux (GUI) includes the Linux version of TrueCrypt. This allows mounting of encrypted partitions and being able to back up and restore those partitions in the decrypted state."

    So it seems like something that could be done. I didn't see anything in that documentation suggesting you can't do it, but I may have missed something.

    So to reiterate:
    1) Can I encrypt a Windows system partition, then in the future start over fresh by simply restoring the clean image over it, and just re-encrypting the partition?

    2) Can I do the same thing if it's the entire system device that is encrypted?

    Is there any reason I wouldn't be able to do either of those things?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.