TrueCrypt encrypted disk does not boot after Acronis installation

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by enoxos, Jun 21, 2017.

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    Hello everyone,
    I had applied True Crypt full encryption on the laptop's hard drive with Windows 10 installed. I then installed Acronis True Image to clone the disk (I now know that full disk encryption and Acronis is do not play well) and while I rebooted the laptop into the Acronis Startup Recovery manager to clone the hard drive, the hard drive crashed (thank you Acronis for letting us know that full encryption and cloning is an issue).

    Here is what I tried so far in that order:
    1. Windows disk recovery using a Windows 10 instillation disk (this was probably a stupid idea)
    2. After much reading and online searching, I came to the conclusion that the windows 10 installation disk erased the True Crypt boot loader and it was probably a bad idea to use. Then I looked for the True Crypt Rescue disk, which I found and tried the repair option Boot Loader restore [Option 2 in the repair options]. The True Crypt boot loader was successfully installed.
    3. True Crypt Rescue disk Restore Key Data (volume header) [Option 3 in the repair options]. When I try to implement this option, I get the following message: Original Header Preserved. I am not sure why.
    4. I have taken out the hard drive and used another laptop with True Crypt to mount one the hard drive without Pre-boot authentication. Each partitions mount fine and I have access to my files.
    5. I have tried to use the Use backup header embedded in volume if available option in conjunction with no Pre-Boot authentication and again the partition of interest mounts fine.
    6. I can see the partitions when I have the hard drive as a USB device on another laptop as in steps 4 and 5 above.
    7. However, when I try to boot the hard rive inside the laptop, as normally, I get the error from the True Crypt Boot loader that No Bootable Partition Found.
    8. The 4th option to restore the Original System Loader requires to decrypt the hard drive which is 2 TB which will take about a week or more based on my estimates after reading how slow decryption is from the True Crypt Boot Loader. Also, I am not sure this will work.
    So, the question is the following: have I missed a step or a procedure that will get my correct header back into the hard disk?
    thank you in advance.
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