TrueCrypt automount problem on Windows 10

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    Feb 20, 2010
    While I'm configuring latest Windows 10 I've met a problem with automounting TrueCrypt volumes on Windows logon. After initial TC install I was able to assign default keyfiles, define favourite volumes and set them for automount. This worked unattended several reboots but later TrueCrypt refused to mount (asked for password). I din uninstall and reinstall and re-copy my keyfiles in place. TC is able to mount all affected volumes using the keyfile BUT is not automounting at logon anymore. If I run TC panel manually and execute Mount favorite volumes, it does so. The problem is that the autostart entry is not executing:

    "TrueCrypt"=""C:\\Program Files\\TrueCrypt\\TrueCrypt.exe" /q preferences /a logon /a devices /a favorites"

    I can't find why it's not working, is something wrong set up in preferences?