Truecrypt and Invalid Partiion Table... ug.

Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by spiffy577, Aug 18, 2011.

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  1. spiffy577

    spiffy577 Registered Member

    Aug 18, 2011
    Hello all,

    I have a truecrypt drive. I lost a mobo and had to swap it out. Upon reinstalling my two drives, I installed them reversed from the previous setup. Then I tried to reinstall xp. Well, xp likes to install it on the first drive. That was my encrypted drive. I did NOT format but I believe the xp setup decided to overwrite the partition table. Hang on, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

    I first went into the Computer Management and the drive is listed as dynamic and foreign.

    In Computer Management, this is what I see....
    (Besides Disk 0)

    Disk 1 (with the warning exclamation point)

    If I right click on it, I get three options:
    Convert to basic disk

    If I click on Properties, I get the properties info dialog box with four tabs. The "volumes" tab has the following information.
    Disk: Disk 1
    Type: Dynamic
    Status: Foreign
    Partition style: Master Boot Record (MBR)
    Capacity: 0 MB
    Unallocated Space: 0 MB
    Reserved Space: 0 MB

    Does this help?

    I used winhex to examine the drive. I saw a couple text error msg at the beginning with "Invalid Partition Table" "Error Loading operating system" and "Missing operating system".

    Also, at the end of the drive it has a bunch of very specific 00's. It has a few bits of data but most are 00's.

    Lastly, there is a huge section of 00's at the beginning and eventually goes to actual data. Not sure how to see if it is at 32000 (or whatever) though. I have the offset view. I clicked on it to see the decimal but that didn't do anything. I used xp's scientific calc and found that 7e00 (where the data begins) is the 32256 in dec, exactly what I were looking for.

    Does this mean that the xp setup rewrote the partition table and my data is still there? I have seen users use testdisk to recreate the partition. Would that work? Anyone have instructions on how to do this?

    I used testdisk to get some info on the drive. Does this help?

    TestDisk 6.12, Data Recovery Utility, May 2011
    Christophe GRENIER <>

    Disk /dev/sdb - 800 GB / 745 GiB - CHS 97281 255 63

    Partition Start End Size in sectors
    > P Unknown 0 0 1 97281 80 63 1562824368

    Anyone have any info please? This is a lot of data and no I don't have a backup. It is a tb of info and I don't have the space to back it up.

    Anything can help.

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