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  1. Andrew Diaz

    Andrew Diaz Registered Member

    Sep 18, 2009
    Hi All:

    Symantec recently became aware of a new Trojan Horse called Trojan.Ramvicrype. The Trojan encrypts files on infected computers, making them completely unusable. Any file with a “.vicrypt” extension means that your system is compromised.

    Trojan.Ramvicrype is different from most other ransomware programs we’ve previously identified. Usually, these kinds of threats display a message prompting users to visit a specific web page or email a specific address. Users end up paying online criminals in exchange for keys that can be used to unlock the computer or decrypt the encrypted files.

    Trojan.Ramvicrype doesn’t directly demand money in return for keys. However, we found that entering the term ‘vicrypt’ into a search engine includes a company offering a fix in the search results, which of course is a charged service.

    Regardless of which security software you run, use the free removal tool below if you are infected with the Trojan:

    Trojan.Ramvicrype Removal Tool

    Best Regards,

    Andrew Diaz
    Norton Outreach
    Symantec Corporation
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