Trojan or not trojan ?

Discussion in 'LnS French Forum' started by Pacpyc, May 22, 2004.

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  1. Pacpyc

    Pacpyc Guest

    Bonjour à tous !

    Je vous rappelle ma config : Win XP Pro, LnS 2.05, Norman antivirus à jour.

    Je viens d'effectuer un petit test "anti-troyen" et le résultat donne ceci :

    Results of the test

    We have scanned your computer' ports used by the most dangerous and widespread trojan horses. Here is the description of possible ports' statuses:

    "Stealthed"(by a firewall) -Means that your computer is invisible to others on the Internet and protected by a firewall or other similiar software;
    "Closed" (non-stealthed) - means that this port is closed, but your computer is visible to others on the Internet that can be potentially dangerous;
    "Open" - Means that this port is ready to establish (or has already established) a connection with remote address. It also means that your computer is vulnerable to attacks and could have been already hacked or infected by a trojan/backdoor;
    Trojan: Port Status
    GiFt 123 stealthed
    Infector 146 stealthed
    RTB666 623 stealthed
    Net-Devil 901 stealthed
    Net-Devil 902 stealthed
    Net-Devil 903 stealthed
    Optix 5151 stealthed
    Subseven 6776 stealthed
    Theef 7000 stealthed
    Phoenix II 7410 stealthed
    Ghost 9696 stealthed
    GiFt 10100 stealthed
    Host Control 10528 stealthed
    Host Control 11051 stealthed
    NetBus 12345 stealthed
    NetBus 12346 stealthed
    BioNet 12348 stealthed
    BioNet 12349 stealthed
    Host Control 15094 stealthed
    NetBus 20034 stealthed
    MoonPie 25685 stealthed
    MoonPie 25686 stealthed
    Subseven 27374 stealthed
    BO 31337 stealthed
    Infector 34763 stealthed
    Infector 35000 stealthed
    Subseven 1243 closed
    Duddies Trojan 1560 closed
    Duddies Trojan 2001 closed
    Duddies Trojan 2002 closed
    Theef 2800 closed
    Theef 3000 closed
    Theef 3700 closed
    Infector 17569 closed

    We have determined there are no open Trojans' ports on your system. But following ports we scanned are non-stealthed: 1243, 1560, 2001, 2002, 2800, 3000, 3700, 17569.

    Although these ports are non-stealthed, they are not open, so your system is not infected. However, having non-stealthed ports on your system means your computer can be "seen" over the Internet. This makes your system a potential target for remote attacks. "

    Ma question : que me faut-il faire pour rendre "stealthed" les ports "closed" ?

    D'avance, merci de votre réponse !
  2. kamui

    kamui Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2003
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