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    ...Its available to download.

    New Features of VSAPI 7.5

    Configuration Enhancements
    Configurable Exception List for Additional Threats, by a Detection Name.
    Configurable Security Level for Generic Patterns.
    Decompression abilities enhancement
    New decompression "scanning" support : SIT
    Support for UPX-Scrambler. (originally in 7.110).
    Support the unpacking of pack files using Generic Method. (Generic Unpacker originally in 7.300) :D
    Cleaning abilities enhancement
    Supports "Zip Clean" on TAR
    Supports "Zip Clean" on GZIP
    Support for 2nd action on files inside compressed files if clean fails.
    Compressions that can be cleaned by VSAPI:
    Supports Clean/Delete for MIME Email attachments.
    Supports Clean for WordML.
    Performance Enhancement
    Skip the HTML/text virus patterns with slow performance to enhance the scanning performance.
    Enhance Pattern Matching Flow.
    Enhance Script Trap.
    Pattern Enhancement
    Support a different magic numbers of pattern sections and different encoding.
    File Identification Enhancement
    Support unknown file type identification by pattern.
    File-hooking enhancement
    Support mini-filter for XP SP2's New Driver Architecture.
    Other enhancements
    New Callback for OLE Files.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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