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    Trend Micro Anti-Spyware for the Web is a free online tool that checks computers for spyware, and helps remove any infections found. When the detection process is complete, the tool will display a report describing the result including which if any, spyware were detected, and prompt you before the removal process.No Install Required.

    Symptoms of spyware infections:

    * Slow PC performance when opening programs or saving files
    * Unwanted pop-up windows
    * Browser homepage hijacked
    * Repeated change in your browser’s home page
    * Random error messages
    * New and unexpected toolbars in your browser
  2. bch

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    Oct 3, 2004
    Rochdale, UK
    Trend Micro recently bought Intermute's SpySubtract. Please note that if you already have SpySubtract on your computer, downloading and running the new Trend Micro tool will subsequently prevent SpySubtract from opening. The Trend Micro program uses the same ssengine.dll as SpySubtract, i.e you will have two of these dlls after running the Trend Micro program.

    In order to correct the problem, remove the stand alone Trend Micro exe, and the Trend Micro Folder in Program Files. (I also deleted the newly created Trend Micro registry key in HKCU, although this may not be strictly necessary.) Having done that, re-register the ssengine.dll which you will find in the Intermute Folder within Program Files. (I also re-registered the sshook.dll in the same folder.)

    Having scanned with both programs they both found 3 identical false positives, i.e the programs are the same.

    The above is for information only as I appreciate the Updates Section is strict about adding to posts in this section of the Forum.
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