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    Jun 22, 2006
    Just wondering who has had the chance to take full advantage of this chip in their new system and what particularly they found to be most advantageous or disadvantageous about this "trusted" platform technology as a whole. Namely what software tools or activities do you do differently or more conviniently or securely akind of this chip and new capability.

    I so far just use the fingerprint reader in my p1610 and to authenticate my WinXPpro logon.. Though the Omnipass software that assists with the windows logon authentication via the fingerprint reader also allows you to authenticate supposedly to "any" or I'd say most software and websites authentication with the fingerprint reader by storing all your passwords in the software... I just haven't begun to use this functionality since I don't feel that comfortable doing so, just yet.

    Supposedly the TPM chip performs the actual encryption/decryption without the use of any process, OS or software.... but ... unfortunately the latest version of omnipass that came with my laptop doesn't have the encryption/decryption of files or folders capability in the version my laptop
    came with and would have to upgrade to do so.

    I really just don't like the idea of storing all my passwords anywhere as of yet, for obvious reasons... but ofcourse if the code or software company itself can be bonded or verified to be trustworthy be it via some type of review process, it would definitly be a kick ass thing to swipe my finger to access all my sites and programs.

    I am particularly interested in how I can use this fingerprint authentication technology for recieving and sending emails to be authenticated by only those persons fingerprint.. that would definitly be neat!!!

    some links:
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