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Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by caspian, Jan 19, 2008.

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  1. caspian

    caspian Registered Member

    Jun 17, 2007
    Just received this:

    Tor fixes a huge memory leak on exit relays, makes the default
    exit policy a little bit more conservative so it's safer to run an exit
    relay on a home system, and fixes a variety of smaller issues.

    Changes in version - 2008-01-17
    o Security fixes:
    - Exit policies now reject connections that are addressed to a
    relay's public (external) IP address too, unless
    ExitPolicyRejectPrivate is turned off. We do this because too
    many relays are running nearby to services that trust them based
    on network address.

    o Major bugfixes:
    - When the clock jumps forward a lot, do not allow the bandwidth
    buckets to become negative. Fixes bug 544.
    - Fix a memory leak on exit relays; we were leaking a cached_resolve_t
    on every successful resolve. Reported by Mike Perry.
    - Purge old entries from the "rephist" database and the hidden
    service descriptor database even when DirPort is zero.
    - Stop thinking that 0.1.2.x directory servers can handle "begin_dir"
    requests. Should ease bugs 406 and 419 where 0.1.2.x relays are
    crashing or mis-answering these requests.
    - When we decide to send a 503 response to a request for servers, do
    not then also send the server descriptors: this defeats the whole
    purpose. Fixes bug 539.

    o Minor bugfixes:
    - Changing the ExitPolicyRejectPrivate setting should cause us to
    rebuild our server descriptor.
    - Fix handling of hex nicknames when answering controller requests for
    networkstatus by name, or when deciding whether to warn about
    unknown routers in a config option. (Patch from mwenge.)
    - Fix a couple of hard-to-trigger autoconf problems that could result
    in really weird results on platforms whose sys/types.h files define
    nonstandard integer types.
    - Don't try to create the datadir when running --verify-config or
    --hash-password. Resolves bug 540.
    - If we were having problems getting a particular descriptor from the
    directory caches, and then we learned about a new descriptor for
    that router, we weren't resetting our failure count. Reported
    by lodger.
    - Although we fixed bug 539 (where servers would send HTTP status 503
    responses _and_ send a body too), there are still servers out there
    that haven't upgraded. Therefore, make clients parse such bodies
    when they receive them.
    - Run correctly on systems where rlim_t is larger than unsigned long.
    This includes some 64-bit systems.
    - Run correctly on platforms (like some versions of OS X 10.5) where
    the real limit for number of open files is OPEN_FILES, not rlim_max
    from getrlimit(RLIMIT_NOFILES).
    - Avoid a spurious free on base64 failure.
    - Avoid segfaults on certain complex invocations of
    - Fix rare bug on REDIRECTSTREAM control command when called with no
    port set: it could erroneously report an error when none had
  2. MakePB

    MakePB Registered Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    Finally new version released. It is good to see that creators behind Tor keep up good job.:D
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