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    Guess who wants to know. Put them all together, now!

    "* Methods for developing understanding of how knowledge and ideas are transmitted and change within groups, organizations, and cultures;
    * Methods for analysis of social, cultural, and linguistic data;
    * Multidisciplinary approaches to assessing linguistic data sets;
    * Methods for measuring and improving human judgment and human reasoning;
    * Methods for extraction and representation of the information in the non-textual contents of documents, including figures, diagrams, and tables;
    * Methods for understanding and managing massive, dynamic data;
    * Analysis of massive, unreliable, and diverse data;
    * Methods for assessments of relevancy and reliability of new data;
    * Methods for understanding the process of analysis and potential impacts of technology;
    * Multidisciplinary approaches to processing noisy audio and speech;
    * Development of novel top-down models of visual perception and visual cognition;
    * Methods for analysis of significant societal events;
    * Methods for estimation and communication of uncertainty and risk;
    * Novel approaches for mobile augmented reality applied to analysis and collection;
    * Methods for topological data analysis and inferences of high-dimensional structures from low-dimensional representations;
    * Methods for the study of algorithms stated in terms of geometry (computational geometry);
    * Methods for geolocation of text and social media;
    * Novel approaches to biosurveillance;
    * Methods to make machine learning more useful and automatic;
    * Methods to construct and evaluate speech recognition systems in languages without a formalized orthography; and,
    * Methods and approaches to quantifiable representations of uncertainty simultaneously accounting for multiple types of uncertainty.


    Lots of other interesting reports, such as:

    "Center for Army Lessons Learned smart card from 2010 detailing procedures for conducting traffic control point operations.
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