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    Several online scanners were tested by ( for detection of In-the-Wild (ItW) viruses. Of these, only BitDefender, RAV, Panda, Trend, and McAfee achieved 100% ItW detection. Command Software, Symantec, Hauri, and MKS_Vir did not. Each of the following online scanners are considered best-of-breed and can offer important adjunct protection.

    1) Trend Housecall
    Trend Micro's Housecall scored 100% detection for ItW threats, 100% in detection of viruses contained in embedded OLE objects and password protected DOC and XLS files, 38.46% of compressed files and 75% of archives. Housecall is one of the easiest products and fastest of the online scanners and provides virus tracking data as well.
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    2) RAV AntiVirus Scan Online
    A clean interface, no required registration, and fast scan speed make RAV AntiVirus Scan Online a top notch scanner. RAV was also one of the best when it came to detecting's compressed viruses, achieving 76.92%, second only to McAfee's 85.62%. The combination of solid detection and ease-of-use place this online scanner at the head of the pack.
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    3) Panda's ActiveScan
    Panda's ActiveScan is fast and easy to use, but it's difficult to find on their site so unless you're accessing it via a bookmark or this review, it may not be the best choice. Unlike first choice Housecall, an email address and geographical location are mandatory.
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    4) BitDefender Online Virus Scan
    While BitDefender was able to scan an impressive 100% of password protected DOC and XLS files, their detection rate was only 35.29% when attempting to detect viral embedded objects in non-password protected DOC/XLS files. Though no information is requested, users are required to accept a lengthy licensing agreement.
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    5) McAfee FreeScan
    McAfee FreeScan achieved 100% during the standard ItW tests, 91.67% archives, 84.62% compressed, 100% on password protected DOC/XLS files, but only 64.71% of embedded OLE objects. McAfee is the only online scanner in the Top Picks to require formal registration prior to use.
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    6) Kaspersky Virus Checker
    Though introduced after the tests were performed, Kaspersky's Virus Checker should not be overlooked. Based on their superb antivirus engine, Kaspersky's Virus Checker is unsurpassed at recognizing various compression algorithms. Designed to check single files less than 1Mb, it's functionality is somewhat limited. However, when it can be used, it should be considered first.
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    Are these the test results from jan. 2002?
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