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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Laramie, Mar 11, 2010.

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    Aug 4, 2007
    Hey Guys,
    I started a new thread because perhaps my experience as someone more than a little deficient in computer skill might give someone in a similar position the confidence to take a plunge into the new and unkown.
    Thanks for your help re: getting Shadow Protect and yep, I was a little out to sea there for awhile, but I just went for it learning as I went. I think I have a good layered security package now. It may be overkill and I would probably be safe with just the first three maybe even first two, but I'm a newbie and I guess i'm going with better safe than sorry. Of course i may also be missing

    I went through Services.msc and took out those that posed a risk an not compromise features I want.

    Now I have:
    FD-ISR = Software recovery.
    Shadow Protect = Hardware Recovery --Wow! Uninstalled ATI
    SandboxIE = Duh!
    Malwarebytes= More Duh!
    Avira Free A/V
    SysInternals (To keep an eye on what I'm protecting.)

    All the above are installed.

    DL's but not installed:
    Super Anti-Spyware ( For some reason I dumped this before but can't remember why. It was dialing home a lot? Think that was it.)
    Prevx Heard good things about their anti- malware and it'll give a second (third? ) opinion and maybe catches and cleans otherwise missed.

    Anything I blatantly missed? I started a new thread because perhaps the fact that I was feeling in over my head but after getting suggestons and pointed in the right direction. Well, those and about two and a half hours on the WWW because i wanted to understand this stuff for myself.

    Thanks again for what you guys have taught me and a special shout out again to Pete for good info all around but your confidence in SPgot me to the trial version and given me a powerful tool that is as invaluable as FD-ISR. When the SP trial is over I already know I'm buying it.


    New programs are just friends I haven't yet met. :0
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.