“Today, We Move On”: Comcast Officially Kills Time Warner Cable Deal.

Discussion in 'hardware' started by ronjor, Apr 24, 2015.

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    Jul 21, 2003
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    The comments from both companies is a bunch of bull!
    They did not "mutually agree", FCC said "No!". And they said no because a merger would have been very bad for us consumers. Yeah, they can still pursue a merger but will have to go through the courts to get approval. But that likely will result in court mandated and directed restructuring that would likely be more favorable to consumers. And Comcast and Time Warner Cable can't handle deals that are better for their customers! :rolleyes:

    Comcast and TWC are at the very bottom in customer satisfaction among broadband providers. A merger would have, as most mergers do, resulted in a consolidation and trimming of resources, manpower and services. In a service oriented business already failing miserably in customer service, trimming services would just make it worse. But more importantly, this merger would have given them control of ~30% of the pay-TV market and 57% :eek: of the broadband market giving them the clout to stifle competition and bilk customers with even higher rates - which are already ridiculously high.

    So to the FCC regulators I say, :thumb::thumb::thumb: !