today May 22: Avast Version 4.6.665

Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Mortada, May 22, 2005.

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    avast frome alwil had today a new version "4.6.665" , and it had a serious update , this whats new on it :

    May 22, 2005

    * added support for additional executable unpackers (FSG, MEW, PE Deminisher)
    * minor enhancements in the TAR unpacker
    * more stringent checking of parameters passed in to all avast kernel mode drivers
    * added the ability to on-access scan network drives even if the avast antivirus service runs under the LocalSystem account
    * Standard Shield: removed OS freezing on startup when on-open scanning of all (*) files was selected
    * fixed a minor problem in aswTdi.sys (that could theoretically lead even to the "BSOD")
    * added detection of "computer reliability" and potential disabling of kernel-mode scanning if the computer doesn't seem reliable enough
    * increased maximum size of configuration data of the on-access providers (e.g URL blocking masks etc.)
    * WebShield: solved problem with Hotmail access from Outlook Expresu (lowered the Keep-Alive "aggresivity")
    * WebShield: decreased the number of data written to
    * WebShield: fixed problems related to crashing of various third party LSP modules inside the ashwebsv.exe process
    * WebShield: improved timeout for non-HTTP connections (e.g. ICQ via JAVA) and default connection timeout increased to 15 minutes
    * WebShield: implemented maximum size of scanned file during download (by default, 20MB)

    for more info :

Thread Status:
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