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Discussion in 'Forum Related Discussions' started by dog, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. dog

    dog Guest

    I want to know a little more

    I read the interview in PC World with Patrick Kolla designer of SpyBot. Which I had missed, but was made aware in a post by Peaches4U.

    Available Here:,aid,115376,00.asp

    Anyway, I started wondering about others, Who have spent a great deal of time, energy and resources provided us with so many utilities (both programs & message boards) to aid us with internet security, and what their motivation was. Is there anywhere else I can read about others, such as Javacool, or Paul Wilders of and this board, or any other? I guess really I'd like to know a little more about them all, as kind of a thank you, for their wonderful public service. This would include the moderators on this board, for their time and effort too!

    Thanks to All of those that contribute their time and effort ... you all deserve much praise. I hope we all get to know you better, as thanks ... I know no nobody does it for the spotlight ... but you all deserve so much recognition.

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  2. snipedog

    snipedog Guest

    Too bad you weren't here when they gave out karma cookies!
  3. dog

    dog Guest

    Could you register and give me one pretty PLEASE!!! :D

    I'm pretty hungry and the wife says I have BAD karma ... so I could really use one!

    Dog *puppy*
  4. snipedog

    snipedog Guest

    Sorry Dog. Karma cookies are no longer given out at this site. But i would have given you one if i could have. All deeds are now done by the goodness of one's heart only.
  5. dog

    dog Guest

    Re: I want to know a little more

    Well I guess there isn't much press out there ... and the last paragraph is ringing true :'(

    I was hoping to learn more about what makes everybody tick ... but ... all and all I glad ... cause I know you're all out there doing what you do ... Saving our B*tts ;) - This is not intended to be corny.

    dog *puppy*
  6. Paul Wilders

    Paul Wilders Administrator

    Jul 1, 2001
    The Netherlands
    Re: I want to know a little more

    We are far too modest to put our ego's in the spotlight. After all, ppersonal exposure is not what we are aiming for :)


    ...thus, in the end you did answer a rethorical question :D. Our staff is doing the upmost - on all forums and issues. That's what does count in the end.


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