Ti V 10 "Failed to write E000101F4" & FireWire

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by 14936, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Dec 12, 2006
    Hello all, I need help and answers, OK?

    1st, The hardware:

    - ADS Tech FireWire Ext. enclosure
    w/ Maxtor DiamondMax, 60G, IDE, model ST 060H6
    - Asus A8N-VM CSM mobo,
    w/ NVidea GE Force 6150, + Nforce 430
    w/ VIA 6037 IEEE 1394 controller **
    - 2 IDE drives on SATA controllers, using bridges.
    See here for these bridges (they just adapt IDE to SATA):

    I have just purchased Acronis TI V.10.
    All my imaging has been thru the rescue media, w/ the Full Acronis program.
    On this Asus based PC, if I image to the Firewire external, I get a message w/ the hex value-

    "Failed to write data on the disk".

    Actually the imaging job seems to start, then quickly the USB2 mouse freezes just prior to the displayed Hex value.

    Imaging to the a drive on the Sata controller is successful.
    In fact, I duplicated the same image on the SATA, to compare to that questionable one on the FireWire. Then ran a hash on both...they do not match. Moreover, the Firewire image is about 88 Meg, the SATA image is about 2 Gig. Given this, I conclude the Firewire image is bad.

    Attempts to acquire the 'sysinfo.txt' from the Linux cmd. prompt gets me this:
    'Unknown error 2'
    'nls_cp437.0: no module by thatname found'.

    Repeated attempts, to eliminate possible typo.'s are not successful.

    - Have changed the Firewire cable to a spare, which is new, never used.
    - Have successfull images from a laptop, with a Texas instruments-based FireWire PC card, and same FireWire ext. enclosure.

    I've read about Bart PE / Acronis Plug-In. Is this a possible solution?
    Am waiting for Acronis support, at this time my emails are bouncing back to my mail client.

    BTW - Maxtor disk (the FireWire imaging destination) has been low level checked, wiped clean, then reformatted to Ntfs. Same partitioning as source disk (Ntfs). The imaging problem remains, So I'm inclined to look toward the IEEE 1394 controller (VIA 6037) as not compatable, I don't know, way over my head.
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