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Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by smeltjr, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. smeltjr

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    Jan 16, 2005
    have a dell 8300 p4 3.2 with intel 875p chipset that came with a 160g wd sata hard drive, bios a05. adding a raptor 37g sata drive which i would like to use for boot drive and programs and use the 160g to store data, primarily video files. installing the hardware was easy.

    as i had been using the original 160g for several months right out of the box (no new partitions), downloaded free trial acronis true image 8.0 as i never got an answer from wd as to whether data lifeguard software would work with this drive. i copied/cloned the 160g to the 37g, switched the connector for the 37g on the motherboard to sata0 and disabled the 160g in bios to make sure everything worked and the 37g would boot and everything was there and operable-all was good. i then went back into arconis after enabling the bios sata1 connection to "auto" for the 160g to wipe it clean and partition it, went to the "add drive" area in acronis and both drives now show as "IDE (0) secondary master" in that program. is something wrong here? should i not have a primary master and a secondary master? does/will this affect anything? is this just the program? everything does. seems to work fine. in the event that I have screwed something up, i can get back to square 1 as i never erased anything on the 160g.

    if all is ok can i simply go into xp disc management, right click on the space on the 160g and hit format to clean the 160g drive off and partition or is there a way to use TI to do this. lastly when i downloaded the trial before imaging the new drive, it asked if i wanted to make a bbotable rescue cd-i did so. i went into bios and changed boot sequence to cd and put it in and program started up. it showed my 160g on sata0 and the new drive on sata1. this is indeed how it was when i made the cd befor doing anything. have i checked the cd correctly as i have read of sata issues. thanks for help.
Thread Status:
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