TI home (3633) more bugs with DVD backup?

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by Joey2006, Jun 3, 2006.

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  1. Joey2006

    Joey2006 Registered Member

    Jun 3, 2006

    I just tried to use the trail version (3633 build) of TI home with DVD backup and went through 36 dvds in all. I called my backup C-drive-backup-06-02-2006. I had the option to verify the backup and when I finished #36, I was asked to insert the first disk in the backup, which I did. It then asked me to insert the last disk of the backup, which i did. I then get a message saying it can't find the end of the backup set? Does this mean my backup set is now bad/corrupted somehow? There were no errors reported during the backup process itself.

    It maybe also the naming that Ti used. I notced the filenames it used were C-drive-backup-06-02-20061.tib -> C-drive-backup-06-02-200636.tib . Is the software looking for C-drive-backup-06-02-2006-1.tib -> C-drive-backup-06-02-2006-36.tib? If so, the software should have added the - at the end of the name I was using - bug in software?

    Alexy (and/or anyone else), can you please help on this. I'm not happy at the prospect of losing nearly 40 perfectly good blank DVD+R's (brand name) that cost me more than TI home itself.


    p.s. Is there any other way to verify this backup set is valid?

    p.p.s - Alexy in a future release, please consider allowing the user to select multiple DVD drives for the backup e.g. If I have 3 drives (2 internal and 1 external) I can load up all the drives with blank DVD's and TI can round robin the backup amongst the drives - would be a neat feature. Maybe the user would designate which drive is 1st, 2nd third etc.
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  2. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
    Hello JoeY,

    Have you tried validating the image set separately via the Backup Archive Validation Wizard? You need to insert the last DVD first and then follow the prompts for subsequent disk changes (wait until the recorder's activity light extinguishes after each disk swap before clicking "Retry"). Also, be aware that you will not be able to restore your system disk/partition from DVD + or - R disks because the .tib files aren't visable from within the boot rescue environment. This is a known bug that'll be fixed in a future build.

    As for TI adding the Volume increment to the image file name without some sort of separator - this is a long-standing "feature" of TI. My best advice is to add a "#" after the file name for your future images.

  3. Acronis Support

    Acronis Support Acronis Support Staff

    Apr 28, 2004
    Hello JoeY,

    Thank you for choosing Acronis Disk Backup Software.

    This problem is related to the fact that Validate backup archive upon its creation completion option is checked. This issue will be fixed in the future builds/versions of Acronis True Image.

    Please follow the instructions of Menorcaman and verify your image integrity using Validate Backup Archive tool in Acronis True Image.

    I'm afraid that Menorcaman is correct. However, I would like to add that it's not necessary to recreate your image file on DVD with the future build. You will be able to restore the image you have already created by means of the future build where the problem is fixed. We plan to release the next build in the nearest future as soon as we finish testing it.

    Please accept our apologies for the current inconvenience.

    If you want us to change the behaviour of Acronis True Image in any way or add some new features to this product, please feel free to post any of your suggestions in Acronis True Image WISH-LIST thread.

    Thank you.
    Tatyana Tsyngaeva
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