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Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by Fidelius, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. Fidelius

    Fidelius Registered Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    About Emon :
    I use the French trial version of nod32. I use the latest version of Thunderbird and wonder if it really checks the incoming emails because I don't see anything in the report. I sent a mail to myself just to check. On reception of my own email, the last line says something like "scanned by nod32". Can you tell me more about this point because outlook from ù$oft is not the only email client.

    Is there a french language forum for nod32 ?

    I have read in this forum that only english version of nod32 can be updated to commercial versions without reinstalling. Not for the french one ?

    Apart from some difficult daily updates, I'm satisfied for now. Thanks to the guy who made the step by step tutorial with pictures, it's very useful :thumb: . I'm a bit amazed that the french pdf file is only 8 pages, rather small for a doc.

    Concerning Imon, in the advanced settings, at th bottom Block access to web sites, I have checked "use internet site list definied by the author .....". On which basis is this list created ? porn, warez ?

    My OS :Windows xp home sp1 (NO sp2 !) 512Mb Ram.

    By the way, what is the nationality of nod32 ? american, russian, finland ?

    Thanks guys :)
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  2. alglove

    alglove Registered Member

    Jan 17, 2005
    Houston, Texas, USA
    Salut, Fidelius. :)
    Thunderbird e-mail is checked by the IMON module. IMON works at the network level to scan POP3 (most e-mail) and HTTP network traffic before it reaches the application (Thunderbird, Outlook, Firefox, Internet Explorer...). It is IMON that is adding the "scanned by NOD32" message to your Thunderbird e-mail. Note that IMON will *not* scan other e-mail protocols, such as IMAP4 or encrypted e-mail.

    EMON works only for Outlook. It scans at the folder level within Outlook. For example, it scans as e-mail reaches the Inbox. Because it scans at the folder level, EMON does not really care which e-mail protocol is used (POP3, IMAP4, Exchange...), only that the e-mail reaches the Outlook folder. Because EMON is written specifically for Microsoft Extended MAPI (which is basically Outlook), it will not work with Thunderbird.

    Even if you are using Thunderbird and you have IMON turned off (or if you are using Thunderbird with a non-POP3 mail account), you are still protected. If you happen to download a virus attachment, the AMON module will prevent you from opening the virus. So with Thunderbird, you basically have two levels of protection: first IMON, then AMON.

    I do not know, but there are several francophones who hang out around here. (I am not one. I can read some French, but I am not so good at writing it.)

    Since I do not use the French version, I do not know the answer.

    That should be just fine.


    De rien. ;)
  3. covaro

    covaro Registered Member

    Jul 4, 2006
    Abingdon, MD, USA
    As of 2.51.30 ALL languages support upgrading from the Trial to Commercial versions.

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