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    Use the Threat Modeling Tool for building security threat models for your applications.

    Quick Info
    File Name: ThreatModelTool.msi
    Download Size: 6317 KB
    Date Published: 6/28/2004
    Version: 1.0.1637.18511

    Updated June 28, 2004
    The Threat Modeling Tool allows users to create threat model documents for applications. It organizes relevant data points, such as entry points, assets, trust levels, data flow diagrams, threats, threat trees, and vulnerabilities into an easy-to-use tree-based view. The tool saves the document as XML, and will export to HTML and MHT using the included XSLTs, or a custom transform supplied by the user.

    The Threat Modeling Tool was built by Microsoft Security Software Engineer Frank Swiderski, the author of Threat Modeling (Microsoft Press, June 2004).

    System Requirements

    Supported Operating Systems:
    Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP

    Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1
    Microsoft Windows Installer

    The Mul
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