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Discussion in 'adware, spyware & hijack cleaning' started by brassescafe, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. brassescafe

    brassescafe Registered Member

    Jun 11, 2004
    Coconut Grove , Florida
    On June 9th this thing took me overb and when i bid on ebay this thing comes up causing me to miss the last bid. I am old and caint see small print and need a helping hand on this one....I tried everything! In my files i found iraqi army which needless to say I deleted..Can someone help me phone is *** *** **** and i dont have dsl..thanx pop brasse ******** :) :mad:
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  2. snowbound

    snowbound Retired Moderator

    Feb 18, 2003
    The Big Smoke
    Hi brassescafe :)

    Welcome to Wilders.

    First i edited your email addy and removed your phone number. ;)

    It is not wise for u to post your email addy as it can be picked up by Harvesters and or Spambots.

    For your problem, please follow the instructions here,

    then post your HijackThis log in this thread and one of the experts will give u recommendations on any Malware found.


    i used a larger font in hopes it will be easier for u to read. Hope this helps.
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