The Winston Privacy Filter hides your online activities

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by hawki, Aug 1, 2019.

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    "...The idea is that you plug your internet connection into this unobtrusive box, plug your router into the other end, and every device on your home network is protected...The Winston Privacy Filter promises a laundry list of features from maintaining privacy to blocking ads and pop-ups,...It’s fully configurable and comes with preloaded filters; there’s a boycott Facebook module, for example,...

    'Winston is a hardware device you plug into your network and it encrypts your entire internet activity,' Richard Stokes, CEO of Winston, told Digital Trends. 'It scrambles it up with all the other Winstons out there, and then it’s putting into play various technology solutions, both at the network and application layer, to disable things like cookie tracking and browser fingerprinting.'...

    The way Winston works is to scramble all the data from its users together and it introduces false device and traffic data to make your actual activities impossible to track...

    Because it’s a peer-to-peer solution, your data isn’t being sent to a centralized server, so the folks at Winston can’t see it.
    'We want to build a zero-knowledge, distributed platform that doesn’t give us access to any of the data,' explains Stokes.'We don’t send any logging or telemetry data off the devices, everything is encrypted, and it doesn’t go to us it goes to other Winston users.'..."
  2. NiteRanger

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    Nov 15, 2016
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    Quite from the link

    “The more Winstons there are, the faster and more private the network gets,” says Stokes

    If they have sold 1 million sets I believe it's worth buying.
  3. mirimir

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    Oct 1, 2011
    Interesting. Sort of a kludge of Tor (but just one hop) and Hola (but hopefully without selling access to your uplink).
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