The New SecureAPlus - Preview of Changes and Beta Program

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    Greetings Wilders Security!

    SecureAPlus (, a Windows security software that combines 12 Anti-Virus engines in the cloud with our powerful Application Whitelisting, is set to have some major improvements down the line.

    We’ve been gathering feedback from our users to know how we can make SecureAPlus better, and one of the more common responses is that our interface looks dated and to some even unintuitive.

    Note: All images below represent a work in progress.

    SecureAPlus UI Changes

    With that in mind, the most obvious change that the new SecureAPlus will be bringing is the UI. Here are some of the things we considered when designing the new UI:

    1. Easy Access to the Most Relevant Actions
    Users typically do 3 things when opening SecureAPlus - Switch Modes, Full System Scan and Changing Settings.
    The home window during a Full System Scan.

    With the new UI
    We’ve made it immediately obvious how to do those actions from the main window. The biggest change being the ability to switch modes immediately from the main window.​
    2. Unified Windows Approach
    SecureAPlus has a breabreadth of security information and controls to show users. Admittedly displaying these has become more difficult as we added more features that we’ve developed. This has resulted in varying windows and notifications for different functions.
    Detailed view of Full System Scan from the same main window when clicking UAV status.

    One of the Universal AV settings viewable from the same main window via the bottom menubar for Settings.

    With the New UI
    We aim to keep navigation focused on the main window and for prompts to finally have a single and unified notification behavior across Application Whitelisting, Universal AV, and the Offline AV.​
    3. Protection That’s Less Intimidating
    We think security software is supposed to prevent threats from harming your computer, not antagonize the users themselves. We don’t want users to panic at the sight of malware. We want them to feel in control because Application Whitelisting gives users just that.
    Users immediately know at a glance that this file is safe since all green
    With potentially bad files, you'll see more red. AV & whitelisting actions are now also combined in one prompt.

    With the New UI
    Security software have that typical feel that people are used to it. Our approach to the new SecureAPlus UI is maintaining a layout that users are already familiar with but giving off a more welcoming feel.

    We also considered making discerning the best action as easy as possible with Notifications at a Glance. We achieved this by simplifying and color coding the breadth of relevant information that you usually see with our notifications - Green is good. Red is bad. A mix of colors needs your attention.​

    More than Just a Facelift
    We are also introducing more features that are sure to please both casual and advanced users.

    The new SecureAPlus will be significantly improving its anti-virus capabilities with Real Time On-Demand Scans from the Universal AV.

    Another feature that is sure to get more users excited is the addition of Silent & Game Modes - features that have been requested for some time. We've always wanted to give users control and to be as un-intrusive to the user as possible.

    Also expect big improvements in performance and in minimizing false positives as we make tweaks to how SecureAPlus works.

    The SecureAPlus Beta Program

    We have more changes in store for the new SecureAPlus and our team is hard at work to get them into your hands.

    People interested to get their early and potentially earn additional rewards can join the new Beta Program. While full details are not yet out, you can let us know you’re interested by leaving your email at the page below:

    All the announcements about the Beta will be made through there so be sure to register as early as possible.

    We’d Like to Get Your Early Impressions from this Preview

    So what do you think about the upcoming changes to the new SecureAPlus?

    Like it or hate it or meh? You can share your thoughts here or at the SecureAPlus Forums.
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    I must say that the GUI looks interesting. :thumb:
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    Well, I just signed up [again], here But, I was signed up back in July what happened to my original membership of the forum? See here.

    ScreenShot_SecureAPlus _forum member_01.gif
    So, I didn't become a member, just now [today]....I was always a member of the forum from the beginning. So, please fix!
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