The Great Wall

Discussion in 'other firewalls' started by sweater, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. sweater

    sweater Registered Member

    Jun 24, 2005
    Philippines, the Political Dynasty Capital of the

    When I bought a pc desktop the first thing that instantly got into my mind was installing a personal software Firewall. I will admit, I’m very curious with this thing. It was even first in my list than having an anti-virus and anti-spyware programs. Added to the fact that I know how important it is to keep our privacy…and to protect it by all means. But, I discovered that having a personal firewall installed in a pc is not as easy as I think of for what I expected it to be, as it didn’t completely satisfy my own personal needs and I can always detect some problems after several days or weeks of using it. One of the major problem I found is on how to configure it correctly “and to configure it perfectly” and some of the “experts” said that it can even take a lifetime configuring out a firewall perfectly and even if it was configured perfectly still it’s not a 100% assurance to be totally protected in the web, added to the fact what gkweb have said that there’s no firewall available yet of today that he know of that can pass to all of the outbound leak testing tests that he have made.. and also… added to the fact that some of the professional hackers of the world are only seventeen years old. Wheww!!! Sounds scary, isn’t it?

    I know, many topics are already written on this, Ok, I am just an ordinary guy who loves surfing the net. And all I want (like 90% I think of internet surfers) is to enjoy surfing the net w/out those many “technicalities” that can only adds to more “hassles” and confusions or difficulties of using the pc & the net. I’m glad freewares really exist including software firewalls, and I am very thankful there are Software Companies who really have a good heart in doing so and also there are lots of techno experts out there who really care in helping us net surfers to enjoy web surfing in a safer way. :)

    Actually, until now, I’m still wondering why Firewall was called a firewall wherein it was not design to protect us from fire and also it didn’t really look like a wall to me but was designed and made to protect pc from hackers, from unwanted programs that wants to connect outside, and most importantly (I think) in making our pc invisible in cyberspace. Maybe, it’s better if we can call it a PC Filter or maybe a Personal Computer Angel, or a System MagicGate, or a CyberSpace Watcher, or maybe an Internet Eye? Ohmmn… sorry, it already sounded cinematic or like kiddies stuff. Alright, alright, Firewall is more acceptable…and at least it sounded more “techno” and I’m sure it’ll be unacceptable to “old-timers” and at the same time can only adds more “stress” and difficulties to new comers if we try to change its name now. Huhumn… :(

    I’m sorry if that was the only personal Firewalls I have mentioned here and that was the only good features I have seen and liked in them, of course every Firewall are unique and I don’t like to offend anyone and absolutely I don’t like to mentioned bad points and flaws of Firewalls here, (it’s up to you to find out that flaws or maybe many already knows that). Again, I am not a techno expert and not planning to become one. I’m just a casual surfer, a simple guy w/ simple needs. And of all the topics…Firewall are the most fascinating that I’ve found when we talked about internet security. To tell you, if it’s only possible to install several Personal Firewalls on my pc like Anti-Spywares (I have 10 installed on my pc) maybe I have already done that just to compensate what are lacking from one. :doubt:

    I do hope that maybe, someday, or somebody out there or there’s an organization, or in the web community just like, etc…that can produce, innovate and improve the way personal Firewalls are made and operate in our pc’s today. Mozilla Firefox web browser is the most popular web browser of today…coz’ of it’s many super cool features not found on Internet Explorer (and even in other web browsers), and one of its best feature was that it’s a lot more faster and safer to use than IE and the great part of it was that – it was totally FREE!!! Aside from that, Firefox was updated in a regular basis. Maybe these programmers, they are Angels sent here to us by Cyber Gods. I hope that same Cyber Gods will also send us another set of “Angels” this time their mission is in transforming and making a super perfect Personal Firewall that we can be proud of to protect our pc and privacy in a lot more better way… like magic. :eek: :rolleyes:

    Some firewall makers bundles their product w/ more functionalities not related for the functions of being a Firewall. Like adding an Anti-virus, Ads filter, Anti-spyware etc… Maybe it can be better if they just add a real-time Trojan monitor and scanner coz it’s more related for what a Firewall should be. :-*

    Well, anyway, the above said topic may already sounds boring for some. But I am just anticipating that someday I hope that “a great wall” or a super perfect Firewall that can really satisfy us all will suddenly emerge or appear in a scene… a Personal Firewall w/ a combinations of the best of the best “ingredients” or possibly “the best of both worlds” of the present modern-day Personal Firewalls of today. And that is- a Personal Firewall w/ a user friendly easy to use functions and smartness of Zone Alarm, the smooth stability, perfect net invisibility and internet speed and detailed great looks of Kerio, the auto Trojan detection and termination features, less pop-ups and default out of the box immediate protection settings of Sygate, the plug-in features of Outpost Pro, the lightness & low system resources functions of NetVeda, the small size of Look’n’Stop, and the simple set-ups of VPN features of SecurePoint firewall… And if possible, this Firewall should pass to all available outbound leak testing tests available of today. Sounds amazing but possible, isn’t it? Can someone out there know if this kind of Personal Software Firewall already exists on this planet? Will you please, don’t make it a secret!!! coz somebody out there might find it anyway. :ninja: :-*
  2. Syncman9

    Syncman9 Registered Member

    Jul 28, 2004
    I think if there was this all perfect firewall, everyone would already be using it, and it would be no secret. The problem is that the internet is a fluid thing, ever changing and never staying still, much like computers and technology in general.

    Even if a firm was to invent the perfect firewall it would be out of date within hours or days of it's release and if it became popular, hackers would want to break it purely to claim the prize of breaking the perfect firewall.

    Finally everyone has their own ideas of what makes a perfect firewall, so what is perfect for one might not be perfect for you.

    Personally I get a buzz out of trying out new software, espcially firewall software. Yes call me sad, but I'm sure there are many others out there, that do the same.
  3. Rmus

    Rmus Exploit Analyst

    Mar 16, 2005
    Sweater, there are many good firewalls that don't need a lot of configuring.

    I would decide on one, install it, and go back to enjoying computing and casual surfing, w/o paying attention to all of the hype about technicalities, much of which is marketing hype whose aim is confuse and instill fear, with the hope that you'll choose their product over others.

    Happy computing!

    ~~Be ALERT!!! ~~
  4. TheQuest

    TheQuest Registered Member

    Jun 9, 2003
    Kent. UK by the sea
    Hi, sweater

    As in being Attacked, Under Fire, getting your head down behind a Wall being a good place. ;)

    Take Care,
    TheQuest :cool:
  5. ErikAlbert

    ErikAlbert Registered Member

    Jun 16, 2005
    Firewalls are made of straw in this old article :

    The article talks about "wall" and "straw".
    I prefer to talk about : "fire" and "straw".
    It illustrates the vulnerability of a firewall a little better :D
  6. toploader

    toploader Registered Member

    Aug 19, 2005
    thanks for the article Erik - interesting reading - i can see you have a healthy sceptism for some of the claims that security software companies make.

    i've no doubt there are a lot of good software developers out there trying their best to produce quality products - the problem is finding out which ones are good and which ones are rubbish.

    there is some malevolent individual out there right now who thinks his reason for existance is to ravage your machine - defile it and destroy it - virus and trojan writers who target ordinary people and businesses are the scum of the earth - they are virtual rapists and murderers - they care nothing for humanity - all they care about is their sick twisted urges. they exist to harm and to hate. many of them are bitter and twisted teenagers - some grow up - some never grow up - they just get nastier.

    we need more than firewalls and anti-virus we need to start producing people with more love in them than hate.
  7. Tyreman

    Tyreman Registered Member

    Feb 3, 2003
    Cambridge Ontario,Canada
    Soft 'Walls today are slowly if not more speedily incorporating a "all in one security package" design and mindset.
    This may introduce some complication(S) dependant of course on the end users system and its configurations associated setup(s).
    The simple basic software firewall has become in most instances a larger encompasing package(bloated to some of us-+?) with not uncommonly several unfortunately downline events AFTER the soft wall install.
    What seems to be an excellent product for one user can be a kettle of fish for the next.
    Conversely many people seem to be having increasing problems as new soft 'wall versions are released with an ever increasing "feature rich" suite(s) of addition.
    While these additions may seem good on the marketing/sales drawing board they can play havoc out in the real world, adding really not much in the basic way of 'wall security. :doubt:
    added to that there seems to be as much agreement as disagreement as to which of certain explicit services should be set to an "allow" category. :doubt:
    No doubt about it... seems its just much simpler to use a good router and attempt to "monitor" your system yourself/with couple small apps. :D
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2005
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