The future of ads - and the Internet

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    Are you feeling too cheerful? Let me depress you a bit. Here's a super long and important article discussing the future of the Internet and online advertising, based on the concept of ad blocking and acceptable ads in iOS 9, debating the ad-content balance and the battle between Google and Apple, historical examples of radio and TV, control, the emergence of the Web and free content, best and worst case scenarios, money and gain, survival of the fittest, potential outcome and hope, other speculations, and more. Bon appetit.

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    Thanks for your awesome insights! I personally believe that with time something will evolve, with which publishers will be able to monetize their content without annoying their readers. That could be a revolutionary advertisement system or something totally unique; I can't really visualize.

    Personally, as a publisher, I hate using ad networks, and therefore prefer to place affiliate links, in rather unobtrusive and intelligent way. However, that could not be an option for publishers in every niche.
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