The Funk in your .dll files could be missing !

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    Dec 27, 2014
    Earth .... occasionally
    I just did a quick count on the first two pages of " Recent Posts " and there are NINE different , active threads on the subject of Windows 10 !
    As a bit of light relief :-

    Do you or don't you have The Funk in your .dll files ?

    Sorry , I just couldn't resist posting this ...
    ... if only as an example of the so-called "services" that your local neighborhood computer store may be offering.
    I was just walking by when I saw it , so I took a photo.

    At times I listen to a fair bit of James Brown , Bootsy Collins and George Clinton , so I can understand how
    "The Funk " might have dribbled or drained it's way INTO my dll files ........ but how did it leak out again ?
    .... and what will happen to those .dll files now that The Funk is gone ?

    Well don't panic , it appears that there are people out there who can help us .

    N.B. This photo has been cropped to exclude any info that could identify the store , it's location ...
    ... or any of the prices charged for these "services" :)

    I reckon if these people are getting any customers from this ad , they might want to branch out into the tin-foil hat business , if only as a sideline .

    Is this a potential security issue ? ...... probably not .
    But it might be for "Joe Public" , if he trusts his computer to people who won't or can't even use Spellcheck .
    And yes , I know , it's most likely a simple mistake on the part of the business .... but still ...
    .... it's on all of their publicity !

    I kind of expect a certain level of professionalism in business , even if it's only a very low level .... call me old-fashioned if you will .

    Do any other forum members have any unusual ( or just plain old crackpot ) offers of services to share ?

    Anything that doesn't mention Windows 10 anyway :)