The Bat!. Version 2.11 released 9/06/04

Discussion in 'other software & services' started by the mul, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. the mul

    the mul Registered Member

    Jul 31, 2003
    What's new in The Bat! 2.11?

    [ Legend: ]
    [ + Added feature ]
    [ * Improved/changed feature ]
    [ - Bug fixed (we hope) ]

    [+] Mail Chat (Tools|Mail Chat)
    [+] Chat Virtual folders for watching conversation threads or waiting for replies to specific messages
    [+] "Utilities|Create a Quick Template" menu command in the message editor to quickly create a QT based on the selected text
    [+] (#0001869) New Window Split Mode - Full-width Message List
    [+] Automatic filtering on IMAP
    [+] Customizable hotkeys for next/prev folder tab (Edit shortcuts/MainMenu/Specials)
    [+] It is now possible to re-filter only selected messages
    [+] Message Editor (using MicroEd) has new status - AutoFormat, AutoWrap, JustifyOnWrap, AutoSpell
    [+] Possibility to insert a line divider in HTML editor
    [+] URLs of incoming messages are added to the log
    [+] Possibility to open URLs by double click from the account's log viewer
    [+] Smartpad.ini: [Options] Taskbar = 1 - shows smartpad in taskbar
    [+] Support of Images\PDSF.MSL file for translating smileys (see the Beta distribution file)
    [+] VF message DblClk - opens VF folder view; Ctrl+DblClk - Follows message; Shift+DblClk - opens folder view
    [+] Viewing account's log window is no longer modal
    [*] (#0001307) Tab order in the Folder Maintenance Centre is now working more correctly
    [*] (#0002992) UTF-7/8 decoding is now much faster
    [*] It is now possible to log manual refiltering
    [*] Search options in the Accont Log View pop-up menu
    [*] The current folder was removed from the Unread tab when new mail was received
    [-] (#0001633) Character set detection bug in PGP/MIME messages
    [-] (#0001742) Unread messages were loaded and treated as read during refiltering process
    [-] (#0002259) Embedded image files were multiplicated at each [auto] save
    [-] (#0002653) Account tree nodes' states were not stored correctly
    [-] (#0002673) Selected shortcuts for Send/Queue in the message editor weren't remembered
    [-] (#0002716) Access Violation error while search in a deleted folder
    [-] (#0002764) The "l" LDAP attribute was not processed
    [-] (#0002922) Deleted messages counters were not updated in the Folder Maintenance Centre
    [-] (#0002951) Access Violation error when selecting folders for search in message reminder
    [-] (#0002955) Generic view mode setting is not saved, previous setting is used after restart
    [-] (#0002972) Account tree expand, when you open the account properties
    [-] (#0002997) Split mode - full width msg list - msg preview toggle one way
    [-] (#0003005) Virtual Folders think they're Normal Folders is VF name and Directory are not the same
    [-] (#0003026) Option "Edit | Select all" doesn't work in HTML editor, Ctrl+A works
    [-] (#0003027) MessageFinder does not "Follow"
    [-] (#000303:cool: Using "IMAP Folder management" deletes account level VFs
    [-] IMAP folder management could fail to see some folders on some IMAP servers
    [-] No duplicates of message in chat folders
    [-] Some other minor fixes

    The Mul
  2. meneer

    meneer Registered Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    The Netherlands
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