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Discussion in 'encryption problems' started by wil70, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Jan 4, 2016
    Hello, Is there a way to run TestCrypt on a Raw image?
    (Basically I have the TC password but I do not know where is the TC header on the 3rd partitions of the d drive).

    I have 2 drives, c (500GB) and d (1TB), both encrypted via TC.
    I need to find the TC header from an image from a drive with 3 partitions (d drive). I can not do it on the native drive because I unfortunatly use the wrong "TC rescue disk (from c drive)" on my D drive (which decrypted it with the wrong key, so I used untrue from nccgroup to encrypt again with the "TC rescue disk (from c drive)" (which generated a raw image), it seems to have work as I can read some text (thought the partition size do not look right), but now I need to locate the TC header from my raw image (of d drive) so I can try to mount it in truecrypt, so I can read the rest of the d drive (like the 3rd partition)

    thanks fro your help