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    Support Alert (from
    Issue 111 - 21-07-2004 Free Edition

    Support Alert is a registered online serial publication (ISSN 1448-7020).

    Quote of the Week;

    Customer: "I am getting an error on my computer"
    Tech Support: "What kind of error?"
    Customer: "It says I have a corrupted file on my hard drive and I should use 'Check Disk'."
    Tech Support: "Ok, we need to call in a ticket and someone will be down shortly."
    Customer: "Can you make sure you bring some extra Check Disks, because mine does not work."
    Tech Support: With smile on face, "Uh, we're out of stock right now, but I'll order some for you."



    I have a sneaking suspicion that during the last month many of the readers of this newsletter were thinking the same thing. And what was everybody thinking?

    The current Windows computer security situation is totally out of control.

    The evidence is compelling: new viruses and trojans daily, phishing attacks running rampant, ever more sophisticated spyware, drive-by downloads from major websites that have been compromised, unpatched Internet Explorer flaws and a Windows patching regime that is in shambles. And I don't even need to
    talk about spam.

    Confronted with this unbelievable mess, the folks I feel really sorry for are the average PC users. All my PC's are protected by sophisticated multi-layered defenses. They are all fully patched. Yet I know they are vulnerable.

    However the average user has very few of these defenses. They are fully exposed to whatever wave of exploits is sweeping the Net. They are sitting ducks.

    In fact, I have not seen during 2004, a single PC owned by an average user that was NOT infected with one or more malware products. Not one. Many in fact, had multiple infections.

    I'm not talking about PCs owned by technically savvy users, such as the readers of this newsletter. I'm talking about the computers owned by the Moms and Dads - the Joe Blows of the world.

    Of the dozen or so such machines I've looked at this year, every single one was infected with some sort of Spyware. Three were also infected with the Sasser worm and another two with custom key logging trojans.

    Now, I admit these machines were no random sample - they were PCs that friends or relatives asked me to look at because they had problems. Some of the problems were caused by the malware.

    That said, I still expect the results would be similar for most end users’ PCs. I expect most to be infected ...

    This Issue:

    - Send Files up to 1GB for Nix
    - Great PDF Resource Site
    - Imaging Processing Tips
    - Spam Filters Compared
    - New Search Engine Targets Research
    - Good Spyware Resource Site (SE Edition)
    - The Definitive Microsoft Outlook Resource Site (SE Edition)
    - Wireless Networking Risks (SE Edition)
    - Build a High Performance PC for Less Than $1500 (SE Edition)

    - Overcoming the "Updating Windows Conundrum"
    - Free Reminder Program
    - Free Utility to Backup FireFox
    - Free ISO of SUSE 9.1 Linux
    - Free Port Scanner
    - Remove HomeSearch Browser Hijack
    - Free Word DOC to PDF Converter (SE Edition)
    - Run Microsoft Office under Linux (SE Edition)
    - Free Utility Controls User Access to USB Drives (SE Edition)
    - Cheap Way to Search Your Email (SE Edition)

    - Vulnerability in Task Scheduler Allows Code Execution (841873)
    - Vulnerability in HTML Help Could Allow Code Execution (840315)
    - Vulnerability in Shell Allows Remote Code Execution (839645)
    - Yet Another Unpatched IE Browser Flaw
    - Some Good Security News

    - A Flash Drive Watch with Street Cred
    - Delete Microsoft's Secret Files from Your PC
    - Great PC Tips Book at Bargain Price
    - Hairy Computer Threat
    - Use your iPod for Revenge
    - Snazzy PDA Cell Phone Comes With Wi-Fi Access (SE Edition)
    - Add Google PageRank to Your Mozilla GoogleBar (SE Edition)
    - Private File Sharing - The Next Big Thing? (SE Edition)
    - A Surprisingly Easy Way to Become an Einstein (SE Edition)

    - How to Overcome Update Problems Updating AVG Anti-virus

    - The Best Free Windows Explorer Replacement
    - A KaZaa Lite Download Link That Works (SE Edition)

    These are some excerpts from the free edition of Support Alert newsletter. If you like this issue, why not email it to a friend.

    Anyone can subscribe by signing up online at

    If you like the free version, you might also like the enhanced SE edition. It features nearly twice as many great web sites, top utilities and great freebies.

    You'll also get immediate access to the current issue plus the archive of all past issues of the SE edition of the newsletter where you can catch up on the hundreds of great freebies you missed in the standard edition.

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    Content of this newsletter is © Copyright, 2004

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    The MUL
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