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Discussion in 'privacy problems' started by controler, Dec 19, 2004.

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  1. controler

    controler Guest


    I was not sure where to put this so feel free to move it.

    This may be an old beaten horse but if so, just point me to the old thread ok?

    Is anyone using an HP computer?
    If so do you have a folder called system.sav?

    Please check for me and if you have it look in the sub folder named utils.

    Now once in that folder view CIA.INI and Install LOG view them in notepad.

    I just think it funny all the references to CIA and FBI in that folder LOL

    Make sure you have your folders to view hidden folders and files ;)

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  2. controler

    controler Guest

    I have included a copy of my CIA.INI file changed to CIA.TXT

    Do you think HP has a sick sort of humor o_O


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  3. ronjor

    ronjor Global Moderator

    Jul 21, 2003

    My computer has self protection built in. Anyone inspecting my hard drive automatically goes into a deep sleep from boredom. :cool:
  4. controler

    controler Guest

    Whewwww!!!! :D

    I was glad you didn't work for HP.

    but is comon practice to turn off driversigning and SPF warnings during a restore from restore cd's? then renaming the VBS file to a TXT file?

    @REM WinXP SP1 Image Tweaks.
    [08:29:40.506] @REM =======================================================================
    @REM Turn off the System File Protection warning message
    C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /s C:\APPL.ZIP\WXPETOOL\sfp_off.REG
    calling CreateProcess for ->C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /s C:\APPL.ZIP\WXPETOOL\sfp_off.REG
    Executed app has exited
    @REM Set drivers searchpaths.
    C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /S C:\\wxpetool\DEVPATH.REG
    calling CreateProcess for ->C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /S C:\\wxpetool\DEVPATH.REG
    Executed app has exited
    @REM Set screen saver back to active
    C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /S C:\APPL.ZIP\wxpetool\SSAVEON.REG
    calling CreateProcess for ->C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /S C:\APPL.ZIP\wxpetool\SSAVEON.REG
    executed app has exited
    @REM Change the Driver Signing policy defaults back to "Warn".
    C:\Windows\regedit.exe /s C:\APPL.ZIP\WXPETOOL\polidef.reg
    calling CreateProcess for ->C:\Windows\regedit.exe /s C:\APPL.ZIP\WXPETOOL\polidef.reg
    Executed app has exited
    @REM Patch the directory so that the source points to the c:\drive.
    calling CreateProcess for ->C:\Windows\REGEDIT.EXE /S C:\\WXPETOOL\SRCPATH.REG
    Executed app has exited
    @REM Enable the spooler on Winxp Home and Pro
    @REM Cleanup
    @RMDIR C:\I386\$OEM$
  5. unabobby

    unabobby Registered Member

    Jan 10, 2005
    Hello all . i have the same on my Compaq .

    I'm not into reg files or reading them so i was lost on most of what i've read so far my question is silly as it may seem is the Cia & Fbi spying on me thur this file ?
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