System Safety Monitor 1.9.5 closed beta (testers needed)

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by DivineGlitch, Aug 8, 2004.

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  1. DivineGlitch

    DivineGlitch Guest


    Since SSM has become "too popular" to make a new unreliable release (even though it is still beta), I want to have some small number of volunteers (anybody is welcome) to test a new upcoming release. This release works fine on my PC, however because of some major internal reorganizations and kernel-mode driver, I expect it to be kind of "problematic".

    So, if you are interested in participating in "pre-beta-testing", you are welcome.

    download SSM at:

    For *NT (2k, XP) only!

    If you will experience any problems or a blue screen crashes (especially those, in which "mcnahook.sys" will be mentioned), submit a crashdump (the last *.dmp file from c:\windows\minidump\) to or just post your report here.


    Best regards,
    Max Burmistrov

    This is almost final release. However, because of detected security flaws, the official release most likely will be suspended, until these security flaws (device/physicalmemory and ZwSetSystemInformation) will be fixed.
    Shipped driver version is "checked build".
    It's a good idea to uninstall/disable SvcGuard for SSM and old SSM itself and make a system restore checkpoint.

    (the copy of this message can be found at
  2. o-o

    o-o Guest

    Sounds quite interesting that SSM goes kernel mode.

    SSM is a powerful system firewall like Process Guard. Therefore, I wonder whether it is appropriate to treat it as "privacy software".
  3. dannyboy 950

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    Jan 7, 2003
    I thought I would look at this and participate but this is all I find when following the download link.

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  4. It is said that there are service works on hosting provider's servers, which will be finished at 8:30 (14.08.04) (GMT +3). Now link should work ;)

    BTW Currently detected problems:
    1) activating first time "app activity watching" via pop-up menu causes AccessViolation error
    2) SSM fails to handle user's shutdown/logoff and close (when started not-as-a-service) and when it closed forcefully (during shutdown) it may hang.
  5. update (new release available at previous address):
    1) Known bugs fixed.
    2) Added Device/PhysicalMemory protection
    3) Added ZwSetSystemInformation-for-loading-driver handling
    4) Improved support for 2k (and 2k without SP3)

    Tests for 2) and 3) available at (with sourcecodes)

    Please, pay special attention to any bugchecks (blue screens), even if there will be no "mcnahook.sys" mentioned
  6. A new update available at previous location
    There were some attempts to solve different hang issues

    Still some problems (compatibility with other software) were left unfixed (waiting for vendors to reply)
  7. A new update available at previous location
    Some problems fixed (especially for Win2k users) and few minor enhancements in UI made

    Still some problems (compatibility with other software) were left unfixed (waiting for vendors to reply)
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