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Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by revolt, Jun 18, 2006.

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  1. revolt

    revolt Registered Member

    Jun 18, 2006

    I ran a spysweeper scan tonight and it picked this up > (system moniter any@web ).Ive not installed this on my system and spysweeper deleted it.Is this dangerous ?

    here is the weblink:


    I also found this link

    look s avery expensive piece of software

    Ive also copied the spysweeper log if this may help.Could it be a false find by spysweeper perhaps?

    04:39 PM: Found System Monitor: Any@Web, version 1, c:\windows\installer\{53480370-6ca2-47ec-bc05-02b4b9271c31}\ooshortcuthelp_534805207555470e8c69750b0472b4bb.chm
    04:43 PM: Found: 2 file traces.
    04:43 PM: Full Sweep has completed. Elapsed time 00:18:32
    40,536 files swept
    2 item traces located
    05:20 PM: Removal process initiated
    05:20 PM: Quarantining: YieldManager Cookie
    05:20 PM: Cookie: c:\documents and settings\m\cookies\m@ad.yieldmanager[1].txt
    05:20 PM: Quarantining: Any@Web
    05:20 PM: File: c:\windows\installer\{53480370-6ca2-47ec-bc05-02b4b9271c31}\ooshortcuthelp_534805207555470e8c69750b0472b4bb.chm
    05:20 PM: Cleaning Traces
    05:20 PM: Removing file: c:\windows\installer\{53480370-6ca2-47ec-bc05-02b4b9271c31}\ooshortcuthelp_534805207555470e8c69750b0472b4bb.chm
    05:20 PM: Removal process completed. Elapsed time 00:00:01
    2 items (2 traces) quarantined.
    05:20 PM: Deletion from quarantine initiated
    05:20 PM: Processing: Any@Web
    05:20 PM: Processing: YieldManager Cookie
    05:20 PM: Deletion from quarantine completed. Elapsed time 00:00:00
    05:21 PM: |··· End of Session, 18 June 2006 ···|
    06:12 PM: |··· Start of Session, 18 June 2006 ···|
    06:12 PM: Spy Sweeper 3.5.0 (Build 189) started

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